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War Commander is a browser-interesting proposition. As its name suggests, the content of the game is a war, but it is virtually strategy game, where we will build our military base, but despite the fact that everything is going to be easy and convenient it really is not. It’s really hard to build a command center higher than the third level, and why? For now it is a very small number of players, and there is not much you attack, and many players use Multiaccounts on Facebook to get the DP, so-called. Damage Prostection, which prevents attack on them. Okay, but expanding the base and produce the first units that have unique features such as coverage, life, movement speed or are strong against buildings, either infantry or other units, all we see in the preview of the unit. Of course you should also take care of the appropriate level of energy at the base, as studies, buildings and even individuals consume it in large quantities, and do not have enough energy to work all half-heartedly, and worst defense does not work as it should. Another issue is the place for our bodies, but it’s pretty difficult thing, because a lot of raw materials needed for the development of CD.

Fighting in the game is even bearable, we have full control over individuals, and we can show them a goal that they have to attack, but you have to stay away from the department of defense, because, as we will hunt down we will fight not for long. Destroying buildings such as warehouses and mines gain some raw materials that are in them, but it depends on luck. In this case, the best tactic is throwing our troops to the enemy base, destroying warehouses and mines and pressing escape, preserved plundered materials and not lose too many units, is a very good strategy at the very beginning of the game.

You wonder what happens to someone you zaatkuje and destroy everything you have? There is nothing to be afraid of, at the beginning we get 7 days of protection, and we can attack players of the opposite faction, but if we attack our protection is automatically done, so I do not recommend this solution. As for the destruction of our database we do not have to build everything from scratch, it’s just the “fixed up” and wait a few minutes and everything will be as before, not apart from us zgrabionych raw materials, they do not recover.

The game is really good entertainment for a good few hours. We do not have much time to spend it, and the fun is guaranteed.

War Commander Hack and Generator includes:

  • War Commander buildings repair,
  • War Commander metal adder,
  • War Commander oil adder,
  • War Commander Facebook credits adder,
  • do not need jailbreak or root,
  • proxy connection

Devices that it works with:

all PC browsers,
iPod Touch (4th generation)
iPad IOS 4.3 or later and the other smartphones with iOS
Android 2.3, 4.0 or later


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Users' Rating:

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